Ascalis is at the forefront of the preservation of your environment, circular economy, anti-waste and zero waste:

Ascalis mattresses and compressors are designed to be washed and repaired at least 10 years, with reliability for products manufactured and assembled in France which is economically efficient and environmentally friendly to zero waste.

Hygiene with the washing machine process “Multi-Restistant-Bacteria” level / bactericidal and sporicidal, allows the repairability and durability of Ascalis mattresses and compressors, because each mattress and compressor are disinfected before entering the maintenance cycle.

We make available to our distribution partners our know-how in terms of hospital hygiene “washing into washing machine” process, which makes possible to wash “locally” and reduces the “driven km / carbon planet”, for a mattress requiring disinfection or maintenance.

We provide our distributors digital maintenance and repair tools, for accessible maintenance and repairs, which reduce the number of mattress return trips in transport, thus helping reduction of CO2 emissions.


For transports, we use a “shared” logistics, which allows to optimize logistics and to reduce the CO2 emissions.
Ascalis strives to set up a manufacturing, an assembly and a hospital laundry, allowing virtuous circular economy, and promotes zero waste.


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