Therapeutic mattress with automatic adjustment

Stage I to IV pressure sore

Technical specifications


  • Stage I to IV pressure sore
  • Therapeutic mattress with automatic adjustment
  • Mattrass adaptable to specific hospital bed size
  • Mattress size : width : 69 – length : 169 cm
  • Therapeutic air height : 10 cm
  • 24 thin shapped cells (EP 2 341 883).
  • Breathable, liquid-impermeable cover, reduces the risk of maceration
  • Cover can be stretched in both directions to prevent friction and shearing
  • Ultra-resistant support base
  • 4 zones de 6 cells including 4 pressure sensors integrated in the pump.
  • Cardio-pulmonary handle control : deflation in less than 10 seconds.
  • Maximum patient weight : 100 kg
  • Fight against nosocomial infections : mattress washing into washing machine (inside and outside of the mattress)
  • The Ascalis mattress does not contain any foam, which allows a complete decontamination and difinction of the mattress into washing machine.  (Foam permanently houses bacteria. Impossible to decontaminate, foam becomes a real field for bacteral culture – it is why Ascalis does not use foam in the desing of its mattresses).


  • Pump size : lenght 34 cm, height 24 cm, depth 18 cm
  • Pump weight :4,6 kg
  • Silent pump : 32,5 dB
  • Alarm : audible and visual
  • Air filter : integrated in the pump


Mattress washable into washing machine

  • Ascalis mattresses are designed to be completely washed and disinfected into washing machine at 60°C for impeccable hygiene.
  • It is recommended that the mattress and its cover  be washed entirely in the machine, as much as necessary, so as not to suffer from nauseating or pestilential smells which can occur and be linked to the patient’s maceration or urinary incontinence.

Circular economy : promotes Zero Waste

  • Machine washable mattress
  • Mattress repairability : 10 years
  • Pumps and mattresses easy to use and to maintain
  • Maintenance promoting circular economy and Zero Waste