Therapeutic mattress with automatic adjustment

Stage I to IV pressure sore

Maximum patient weight : 400 kg

Technical specifications


  • Stage I to IV pressure sore
  • Therapeutic mattress with automatic adjustment
  • Mattrass adaptable to specific hospital bed size and specific weights
  • Mattress size : width : 120 cm – length : 200 cm
  • Therapeutic air height : 18 cm
  • 24 thin shapped cells (EP 2 341 883).
  • Breathable, liquid-impermeable cover, reduces the risk of maceration
  • Cover can be stretched in both directions to prevent friction and shearing
  • Ultra-resistant support base
  • 4 zones de 6 cells including 4 pressure sensors integrated in the pump.
  • Cardio-pulmonary handle control : deflation in less than 10 seconds.
  • Maximum patient weight : 400 kg
  • Fight against nosocomial infections : mattress washing into washing machine (inside and outside of the mattress)
  • The Ascalis mattress does not contain any foam, which allows a complete decontamination and difinction of the mattress into washing machine.  (Foam permanently houses bacteria. Impossible to decontaminate, foam becomes a real field for bacteral culture – it is why Ascalis does not use foam in the desing of its mattresses).


  • Taille du compresseur : longueur 34 cm, hauteur 24 cm, profondeur 18 cm.
  • Poids du compresseur : 4,6 kg.
  • Compresseur très silencieux.
  • Alarme sonore et visuelle.
  • Filtre à air intégré dans le compresseur.

Patient weight up to 400 kg

  • The Ascalis BARIATRIC mattress is particularly indicated for patients who are beddriden 24 hours a day. With 1152 daily pressure changes, the Ascaliss BARIATRIC mattress allows vascularisation and irrigation of the skin tissues, for  patient up to 400 kg.
  • With 24 thin shapped cells (Patent EP 2.341.883) – the patient benefits from therapeutic effectiveness in pressure sore prevention and optimal comfort
  • Thanks to the thin shapped cells, the patient, even in a sitting position, benefits from optimal comfort because the positioning of the thin shapped cells prevents contact with the frame of the bed.

Circular economy : promotes Zero Waste

  • Machine washable mattress
  • Mattress repairability : 10 years
  • Pumps and mattresses easy to use and to maintain
  • Maintenance promoting circular economy and Zero Waste